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Our Donations Work!

MAS provide the cost of a robotic liquid-handling system and a DNA sequencer to the SMPRL to allow them to purchase the equipment at a total cost of £121,000.

Both items were sourced from MWG-Biotech. The SMPRL required the equipment so that a new DNA sequencing method could be carried out.

The method known as multi-locus sequence typing was needed to better differentiate common group B and C meningococcal types that occur in Scotland.

Thanks to this equipment,when more than one case of meningococcal disease occurs in a defined setting such as a school, more informed decisions can now be made regarding vaccination and antibiotic prophylaxis of students.

It's introduction will allow the SMPRL to monitor the epidemiology of meningococcal isolates in Scotland in more detail during outbreaks and for long-term surveillance.

Eileen McKiernan together with Meningitis Association Scotland Trustees

Australia Calling

Our friends from Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia

"On behalf of the Hunter Immunology Unit I would like to sincerely thank you and your Association for the generosity and the assistance to our research programme".

"Your generosity and support overwhelms us".

Dr Maree Gleeson
(Newcastle, Australia)

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