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Is a technique which has been used for many years in patients whose kidneys have failed. It is similar in some respects to heamodialysis, but easier to do.

It was used for several patients who had meningococcal sepsis and noticed that they seemed to get much better a few hours later. So they decided to start the Haemo-diafiltration as soon as the patient got to ICU, whether the kidneys failed or not.

Blood is taken out of a large vein, passed through a filter and pumped in again. The filter has fluid running through it, the opposite way to the blood and this removes toxic compounds. The filtration also controls the amount of water in the body, lowers the body temperature down to normal and means that the heart does not have to do so much work.

So far they have successfully used this technique in several patients, who have survived when they were not expected to live. They had no brain or lung damage and to date, 8 lives have now been saved by this method.

The M.A.S. donated the Haemo-diafiltration unit to make this possible.

Haemo Diafiltration

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