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The Meningitis Association Scotland is a totally voluntary organisation and works that way deliberately. This enables us to put the monies donated to us to the team or teams of scientists whose need is the greatest.

We support four teams of scientists and physicians, families of victims who have survived and require specialist equipment. Our team of ~BUG BUSTERS~ have recently made a significant advance in the fight against Meningococcal 'B' strain and we hope to have the new vaccine in five years.

Your support to the vaccine programme is vital !!

Your donations go exactly to the medical teams who need it to function.

MAS... donations that work!

Gift Aid Donations

Gift Aid DonationsYou can help to increase the real value of your donation Meningitis Association Scotland by signing up for Gift Aid Donations.

By signing up, it allows us to claim the basic rate tax on your donation.

You can download and fill in the Gift Aid Donation form here.

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Every bit of money you are able to afford goes a long way in supporting the ongoing research into the battle against Meningitis.

Comments Recevied from Doctors Working on the Front Line against Meningitis

"Over the past few years, the Meningitis Association of Scotland has been tireless in their efforts to raise money and support us in the work we have been doing at the Royal Hospital for Sick Children, Yorkhill. Without their help we would have found the task of treating children with severe meningoccocal sepsis more difficult, and would probably not be as successful as we are now. We hope that the Association continues to help as many people in the future as it has done in the past, and continues from strength to strength.”

Dr Crispin Best and all the staff at the Royal Hospital for Sick Children

“The Meningitis Association of Scotland has provided important funding to the Scottish Meningococcus and Pneumococcus Reference Laboratory. This funding has given us the opportunity to provide a national typing service for certain forms of menIngItis. This is important for dealing with disease clusters and for monitoring the disease during the period of MenC immunisation".

Dr S. C. Clarke
Director, Stobhill Hospital

"Eileen is a lady who does not take 'No' for an answer. If she were we would not have made as much progress as we have to discover how risk factors for meningitis make children more susceptible to disease.

  • We would not have had opportunities to examine new approaches to a vaccine for meningitis.
  • We would not have the funds for a PhD studentship.
  • We would not have had the 'bridging loans' for valuable members of the team between longer term grants.
  • We would not have the excellent support for molecular epidemiology at the reference laboratory at Stobhill Hospital or the life saving equipment from children with meningitis at Yorkhill Hospital.

Her encouragement, determination and hard work are appreciated by all of the research and clinical teams who have been supported by the Meningitis Association of Scotland."

Dr Caroline Blackwell

Dr Caroline Blackwell

Australia Calling: "On behalf of the Hunter Immunology Unit I would like to sincerely Thank You and your Association for the generosity and the assistance to our research programme."

"Your generosity and support overwhelm us."

Dr. Maree Gleeson
Newcastle, Australia

"As a researcher I spend most of my time in the Lab. Sometimes it is difficult to break out of this small world of meningitis bacteria. But every time I speak to Eileen it gives me a great boost. It makes all the work more relevant. Her energy, her enthusiasm, it's just amazing."

Dr Jan Braun

"Thank you for all your support Eileen, and for finding willing volunteers to participate in our study. You help so many people, keep up the good work."

Ann Gordon

"You have encouraged and helped us many times when spirits were flagging , and funding non-existent. Your courage is an example to us all."

Valerie James & Doris MacKenzie

"Many thanks to Eileen for the encouragement and support to the department over the years. Such an example to us all. "

Omar EI-Ahmer