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Make a *donation to the Association with Charity Choice...

Make a donation to Meningitis Association Scotland with Charity ChoiceYou can help us by making a donation with Charity Choice. Click here to go directly to the donation page.

* 100% of any monies donated will go directly to Meningitis Association Scotland.

MAS donations have helped other families...

Many families have benefitted from your generous donations through M.A.S help has included some of the following :

  • Motability cars
  • Specially adaptations to vehicles for wheelchairs
  • Specially made cot bumpers for a baby with severe head injuries resulting from meningitis
  • Short breaks for families of newly bereaved
  • Vital assistance with provision of equipment to a baby who had lost both legs and arms from septicaimia
  • Many have benefitted from computer equipment to assist them in communications
  • these are only just a small selection of the many families who have benefitted from your donations

Gift Aid Donations

Gift Aid DonationsYou can help to increase the real value of your donation Meningitis Association Scotland by signing up for Gift Aid Donations.

By signing up, it allows us to claim the basic rate tax on your donation.

You can download and fill in the Gift Aid Donation form here.

For further information from HM Revenue & Customs about 'Giving to charity through Gift Aid', you can read the relevant section on their website:

Every bit of money you are able to afford goes a long way in supporting the ongoing research into the battle against Meningitis.

Why Your Donations Are So Very Important

The Meningitis Association Scotland (MAS) activities include:

1 - Education and information
2 - Counselling
3 - Support for Special Needs of families affected by Meningitis
4 - Clinical treatment of the Disease
5 - Improvement of diagnosis and surveillance
6 - Research into pathogenesis and prevention of Meningitis
7 - Support
8 - Provision of Specialist equipment for Hospitals Clinics and Families of victims.
9 - Help line

Over the years M.A.S. has been a major provider for research funding in Scotland, by providing vital funding to the vaccine research being carried out and working with 16 countries worldwide., including Australia, Greece and Portugal

Pioneering work at Yorkhill Children's Hospital on treatment of severe disease was made possible through equipment supplied by MAS.

Provision of necessary equipment for sophisticated epidemiology and monitoring of the disease by the Scottish Meningococcal and Pneumococcal Reference Laboratory (SMPRL) at Stobhill Hospital.

We provide vital equipment for Families who cannot obtain these from other sources.